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Staying up all night for Fusion and Berklee's first ever Scorathon

A few weeks ago, the Berklee College of Music and Fusion teamed up to challenge Berklee students to an overnight film scoring competition.

For this first ever Scorathon, students had to compose the music and design the sound for a video trailer for Fusion’s “Outpost” series, an investigative documentary show that focuses on untold stories happening in unique places. Participants had from Friday 6pm until 1pm the follow day to complete this challenge.

Students worked all night, racing to complete the score. Out of the 15 total entries, a panel of three judges chose a winner, who got a prize of $1,000, and four runners-up, who got $500 each. Lucas Vidal, a recent Berklee grad who has scored major motion pictures such as “The Fast and the Furious 6,” was one of the judges.

In the video above, follow the Scorathon participants during the grueling and exciting 19 hours of the challenge. Below, watch Sadie Currie’s winning trailer as well as the entire list of submissions.

First place: Sadie Currey – USA


Azlan Ariffin Bin Zarool Hassan – Malaysia

Matthew Gold – USA

Eiji Mitsuta – Japan

Habib Mourra – USA

Rest of Scorathon participants:

Salil Bhayani

Xiaoshu (Amy) Chen

Nathan Drube

Eric von Fricken

Dmytro Gordon

Stephen Lichota

Hyunsoo Nam

Abraham Owen

Nino Samanic

Yiru Wang

Fusion has also partnered with Berklee for a new Fellowship Program and a documentary special featuring three Berklee students.

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