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EP 7 Preventers: Climate War

If We Could Punch Climate Change

It’s perfectly normal for your body to go through changes as you grow older.

It’s less normal for the climate to do so. At least, this quickly.

Scientists say that the world has gotten warmer, by one degree Celsius, because of human activity. They also say that if that warming were to increase by another two degrees things are going to get very bad. Think droughts, storms, floods. We started to see a little bit of that in 2017 with massive hurricanes like Irma and Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico, and the crazy apocalyptic wildfires here in Southern California that burned down Rupert Murdoch’s house.

Hmmm…wait, no, climate change is still bad.

And scientists say that if we blow past the two degree Celsius mark, it could be catastrophic.

The thing about climate change is that it should be the issue that dominates our political discussions. It’s literally a matter of life or death for humanity. But it doesn’t. It’s rarely brought up in campaign debates, when the vast majority of voters are paying attention to politics for the first time, and few politicians ever really make it their signature issue.

Which is weird. And a little depressing.

And that’s the thing, the fact that it is so depressing is why it’s so easy to tune it out. The task of stopping climate change seems so gargantuan that it’s easy to just ignore it, the way they ignore the squid in Family Guy.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Fixing the climate crisis doesn’t have to be seen as a boring thing where we all have to sacrifice some of the luxuries we enjoy. It can happen in the context of an exciting people’s movement to take back control from the oil and gas industry, revitalize entire swaths of the country through a massive investment in green energy, and the protection of some of our most beloved lands from those who would drill massive holes in them.

It’s going to require a society-wide mobilization on a massive scale. Imagine how we would react to an alien landing.

Wait, maybe we should just take a look at our silly Avengers parody.

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