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Things Are About to Get Happy

Hello, and welcome to Happy Ending with Nando Vila. Your host, Nando Vila, is here to un-spin a world that’s spinning too fast, to figure out what’s going on behind the headlines and where we go from here.

This 10-part series is a political sketch comedy explaining major problems in society through absurdity, dark humor, and actual experts. The premiere episode Killed by Capital opens with your host sharply dressed, explaining what capitalism is and how it controls our lives in the best way he can: a film noir detective parody.

Following the premiere, Happy Ending with Nando Vila will use outlandish skits to explain systems millennials find themselves navigating: the gig economy, health care, housing, imperialism, education, climate change–all the topics that make your stomach turn with anxiety about the future. But not to worry, folks! After it brings you down, each episode brings you back up with hope and solutions for the future of mankind.

“America is looking for a happy ending to the mess we are in. We are taking a fun, entertaining and informative look at the different building blocks of our political system, while proposing solutions in the hopes of making progress–because we’d like to end up, you know, happy,” Vila said.

Vila produced, hosted, and contributed to a range of programs for FUSION since its launch. In 2016, he executive produced the Emmy-nominated documentary The Naked Truth: Trumpland, profiling the people who fueled Trump’s campaign. He contributed to The Fusion Feed and AMERICA with Jorge Ramos as well as the network’s coverage of the 2014 midterms and 2016 presidential election.

This FUSION original premieres on Thursday, February 8, 2018.

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