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Undocumented and Undaunted

A Baker's American Dream Come True

Agustín Alemán is a man of few words but unbreakable passion. Agustín comes from a long line of bakers in central Mexico, and his dream, as an immigrant in the United States, had always been to own his own bakery where he could teach his three children about the art of making and breaking bread. It took him decades of hard work, but Agustín now runs “Alejandra’s Bakery” in East Los Angeles. Along with his wife and partner, Agustín also managed to send Angel, Alejandra, and Abril, their three outspoken and devoted children, to college. Angel, the eldest, graduated from Cornell, the first in his family to earn a college degree. The USC documentary offers a glimpse inside the family’s business, reflects on what it takes to build a life in the United States, and how to find the strength to give back to the community.

Produced at USC by:
Keely Eure
Jillian Littleton
Cristina Galvan
Tomas Mier
Erin Ramírez

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