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Mere mortals attempt Beyonce's #flawless Instagram workout routine

On the anniversary of Michelle Obama’s #GimmeFive campaign, the First Lady found the most #flawless celeb ever to take over her Instagram — Queen Beyonce. In just 15 seconds, Bey showed us just how she stays so fit and bootylicious, while still managing to stay in full-on #wokeuplikedis perfection.

Double tap if you're ready to work out with @Beyonce! #GimmeFive of your workout drills (or you'll disappoint the Beygency).

A video posted by First Lady Michelle Obama (@michelleobama) on

Naturally, as worshippers of Her Highness, we had to give it a shot. Turns out, reality is a lot different for us mere mortals. Check out our attempt to take on Beyonce’s #GimmeFive Insta workout — Beyhive, don’t worry, we’re nowhere near able to take her crown.

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