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Inside the growing film-the-cops movement

Every night, a nationwide network of activists, known as Cop Watch patrols the streets, keeping a close eye on police.

Armed with cameras, the group films any police interactions they encounter. According to the organization Cop Block, there are over 200 of these small groups in almost every state. And they say their ranks are growing.

But are more cameras really the answer to ending police brutality? After all, the death of Eric Garner, which has fueled much of the recent protests, was caught on tape, and there was still no indictments for the officers involved.

“Most of us wouldn’t even have known about that case if it hadn’t been documented,” Yul-san Liem, a Cop Watcher for the Justice Committee in New York City, told Fusion’s Tim Pool. “None of us are under the illusion that Cop Watch is going to be the thing to end police bruatlity or violence. It’s just one small piece of a very big puzzle that is the movement we’re trying to build.”

This video is part of Black, White & Blue, a Fusion special on the fractured relationship between law enforcement and the black community. We’ll be posting more segments throughout the week.

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