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It's not hair, it's ink: How tattooed hairlines can boost confidence

You could never tell by looking, but it’s not hair—it’s ink. Brooklyn local Mike Ruiz already has eight tattoos, but this one’s different. Unlike the artwork on his limbs, this tattoo is meant to be seen but not noticed.

Ruiz recently underwent a process called scalp micropigmentation (SMP), which is nothing more than dots among dots covering the scalps of men who want a permanent solution to their baldness. “I want to turn back the hands of time and take back what was wrongfully taken from me,” said 30-year-old Ruiz, who started balding in his early twenties.

After writing off dyes and hairpieces, Ruiz discovered SMP through YouTube videos and began toying with the idea of ditching his hour-long shaving routine each morning. “I was scared of the permanence of it,” said Ruiz. But “I decided a permanent shaved look is better than a permanent bald spot on the top of my head.”

Video produced, shot, and edited by Richard Dinardo

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