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Imagine Dragons released a new album, and they are going to sing it on a plane

Imagine Dragons could be the in-flight entertainment on your next flight.

The band just released a new album, “Smoke + Mirrors,” and they have big plans to perform it on a Southwest plane filled with their fans and some unsuspecting travelers.

One of the reasons behind the plane performance is to give fans an intimate experience—like in the tiny bars and clubs of the band’s early gigs.

“It’s really going back to our roots for us,” drummer Daniel Platzman said.

The band is comprised of singer Dan Reynolds, Platzman, who serves as the group’s drummer, bass guitarist Ben McKee, and guitarist Daniel Wayne Sermon.

The group is also kicking off a new tour in June. (And apparently have granted us all-access tickets, which will be waiting for us at will-call. Let’s see what happens come June.)

Imagine Dragons has some phenomenal music videos, many of which the band describes as surrealist. One of our favorites is “I Bet my Life.” In it, actor Dane DeHaan gets in a fight, then drowns, and then lives in an underwater castle, which turns into a sailboat that can fly over waterfalls and then tips over and the DeHaan falls into a conveniently located mosh pit.

It’s pretty awesome.

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