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Want to date Brandon Scott Wolf? That's the only option on this new dating site

Brandon Scott Wolf knows a thing or two about the complexities of online dating. That’s why he’s created a website that offers users options that total a whopping number of one.

That’s right. Brandon Scott Wolf, 25, created a website that allows users to just date him. Wolf, who says he’s quite the catch, says he’s received feedback from all around the world – receiving applications from places as far away as India.

Wolf’s website, is self-dubbed “America’s #1 Online Dating Site for Brandon Scott Wolf.” The website is loaded with important information about Wolf, and includes a serious submission form for applicants interested.

“For more information about me, read my profile. It’s the only one on the site,” Wolf proclaims in the promo trailer to his site.

All jokes aside, though, we do think this could make for a cute romantic comedy plot line – and can’t wait to see what’s in store for Wolf’s future.

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