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We made Alicia Menendez a surprise wedding video...even though she hates surprises

Dear viewer,

I say that not to make you feel special, but because there really may only be one of you.

It’s been pointed out to me that since I got engaged — which also coincidentally coincided with the launch of this network– I’ve been using this show to talk about the fact that I’m engaged.

It’s also been pointed out that I’ve used this show to curate advice from guests who had to pretend to care about my personal life.

You get why weddings are exciting, right? You get to go crazy pinning things on Pintrest, you get a free pass for whatever stupid, immature thing you do at your bachelorette party, and it’s the only time it’s socially acceptable to literally tell people what gifts you want.

But it’s also a time when people you know and love — and people you’ve never met — offer up some advice — solicited and unsolicited.

So my team put together a little video for me — a compilation open letter, I am told. I hadn’t seen it. I hadn’t approved it, and I reserve the right to laugh, cry, cover my face of embarrassment while I watch.


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