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In Mexico City, harassment is so bad that there are separate subway cars for women

“All the Time. Every Day.” is the title of the latest interactive project from Anna Holmes, Fusion’s Editor of Digital Voices, in which women in Mexico City open up about their daily experiences with street harassment. In Mexico City, there are separate buses and subway cars for women to ride on during rush hour for their own safety.

Holmes, along with artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, wanted to shed light on the situation in our neighbors to the south. Fazlalizadeh has been traveling around the United States with her project Stop Telling Women To Smile, in which she interviews women and then creates art installations in the streets around their stories. On commission for Fusion, Fazlalizadeh took her project outside the United States for the first time to document what it ‘s like to live in a city where the rates of sexual violence are notoriously high.

Alicia Menendez sat down with Holmes to discuss the project. To see the full interactive project, click here.

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