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"When I was 19, I had an abortion. It was the best decision of my life."

Welcome to #nofilter, a short digital memoir series showcasing a diverse range of experiences with an honest and unique point of view. Each story is made up entirely of a participant’s own words and photographs.

In this episode, Renee Bracey Sherman explains the positive impact that having an abortion has had on her life.

Renee is a reproductive justice and storytelling activist who shares her own abortion experience to encourage others who have had abortions to speak out and end the silence and stigma. She is the author of Saying Abortion Aloud: Research and Recommendations for Public Abortion Storytellers and Organizations and her work has been featured on BBC Radio World Newshour, The Guardian, EBONY, Salon, TIME, The Atlantic, RH Reality Check, and Feministing.com. In 2013, Renee received the Justice Award by ACCESS Women’s Health Justice for her volunteerism housing and giving rides to women traveling 4-5 hours for their abortions. She sits on the board of the NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation.

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Executive Producer: Anna Holmes
Producer: Mona Panchal
Editor: Jessica M. Thompson
Co-Editor: Karen K. H. Sim

Special thanks to Renee Bracey Sherman and Steph Herold.

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