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"I am a person demanding that I be treated as such. All I want is a revolution.”

Welcome to #nofilter, a short digital memoir series showcasing a diverse range of experiences with an honest and unique point of view. Each story is made up entirely of a participant’s own words and photographs.

In this episode, Pat Cordova-Goff, a college freshman and transgender activist, breaks down what it means to be gender-noncomforming, the support she’s received from her family, and how speaking up can often be difficult, even dangerous.

“The time is here,” she says, adding that “it’s really important, like really f—ing important” to include non-binary folks of color in the conversation. “Not the time for ‘society finally (chooses) to recognize transgender and gender-noncomforting folks.’ But the time is here for ‘transgender and gender non-confirming folks to demand the space we deserve, and for so long, have been excluded from.'”

Pat, a political science major and California native, says she intends to run for President in 2032. “If the nation isn’t ready for Hillary, this is their fair warning to start getting ready for me.”

Learn more here:
Gay Straight Alliance
Transgender Law Center
The Trevor Project

Executive Producer: Anna Holmes
Producer: Mona Panchal
Editor: Jessica M. Thompson
Co-Editor: Karen K. H. Sim

Special thanks to Jill Marcellus of the Transgender Law Center.

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