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Science alone won't solve climate change

Dr. Mario Molina is a big deal in the environmental community. In 1995, he won the Nobel Prize for discovering the role of CFCs in creating a hole in the ozone layer and in 2013 was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He is living proof that scientists can use scientific evidence to push for social change. But, Molina as Molina told Univision’s Enrique Acevedo at the World Economic Forum in Davos, science alone won’t solve the climate change crisis.

In the United States, the extremely high temperatures of the West Coast and unusually freezing temperatures in the East Coast, are a clear result of climate change. Heat waves, for example, are on the rise, according to Molina. “What used to be 1 in 100 events is now appearing 1 in every 5 years. It’s not hypothesis, it’s results of measurements,” says Molina.

“Climate change is here already, that is unquestionable,” says Molina.”But it is caused mainly by human activities and we can actually solve the problem at very moderate costs. That is very important.”


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