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Most new musical artists are sold to us as “The Next This” or “The Next That,” but if you’ve been following Kat Dahlia’s career as long as we have, you know the Latina musician isn’t the “next” anything — she’s simply incomparable. With hits like “Gangsta” and “Crazy,” Dahlia’s career has blossomed (pun intended) into “My Garden,” her debut album.

The album’s journey has been a personal one for Dahlia. She suffered damage to her vocal chords, but says any type of physical or emotional pain only inspires her.

“Music is kind of my therapy for a lot of things, so any time I am feeling a certain type of way, it’s like me to kind of just get into the studio and black out,” Dahlia said. “I don’t have too much of a filter when it comes to that.”

Dahlia’s lack of filter is clear in lyrics to songs like “Gangsta” — and when talking about fellow female rapper Iggy Azalea, another artist in a genre traditionally dominated by black men. Dahlia says she’s never felt unwelcome.

“First of all, I write my music … It really is just personal to me and not all of my music is hip-hop,” Dahlia said. “My whole album is a mixture of genres!”

Dahlia’s album “My Garden” is available now on iTunes.

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