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Ryan Guzman on losing his cool shooting a sex scene with J.Lo for "The Boy Next Door"

Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Girl becomes obsessive and clingy after sleeping with boy, right? Nope – not this time! Actor Ryan Guzman is flipping the script in “The Boy Next Door,” completely losing his mind over Jennifer Lopez. (Though really, who wouldn’t?)

Guzman says the chemistry onscreen was there from the minute he met Lopez: “Jen and I got along really well from the table read all the way up to now doing press for the film.”

So how does an actor mentally prepare to seduce J.Lo on the big screen? “It was a collaborative effort,” Guzman said. “Figuring out how to not only seduce Jen’s character but also make her inhibitions go away and just live in the moment, so much so that she would enjoy the intimacy.” That said, he admits he was “extremely nervous” about the whole thing: “I didn’t really keep my cool. Jennifer helped me out.”

While Guzman’s good looks certainly helped him get cast as the 19-year-old sexy psychopath, it was important for him to give the character depth.

“There are so many peaks and valleys to Noah Sandborn. I think in true nature Noah is a good guy, but he has a lot of character flaws that he’s harbored since he was a young man,” Guzman said. “[And] playing up small and subtle things, like ‘I love your mother’s cookies’ which I keep on hearing about non-stop — it was kind of having fun with the character and giving him some levity at times.”

Be sure to watch the full interview to hear Guzman’s own neighbor nightmare stories. “The Boy Next Door” hits theaters January 23.

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