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The amazing disappearing date: Why 'ghosting' is the new breakup

Remember that beautiful date you went on? You know, the one where you really enjoyed yourself and thought everything went perfectly, until you never actually got a text or call for date number two? I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, my friend, you were ghosted. Formerly known as the fade-away, this new trend leaves dates hanging without a reason for their breakup.

“It’s just a really lazy way to break up with someone to just disappear out of their life,” said Taryn Hillin, a love and sex writer for Fusion, who attributes the growing trend to the robust world of dating apps and services.

A recent poll by YouGov and The Huffington Post found that 13 percent of respondents had reported having dates “ghost” them in the past. They also found that 11 percent admitted to ghosting someone in the past.

Breaking up by text message used to be an act committed by the heartless. But now, with ghosting taking over, a breakup text seems positively saintly.


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