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GOP Rep. Kinzinger responds to SOTU speech: "I absolutely will vote" for using force in Syria

Though he was disappointed by the “tired Obama politics” of tonight’s speech before a new Republican Congress, Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R) said he would vote to authorize the president to use military force in Syria.

“I absolutely will vote for the president to have authorization,” Rep. Kinzinger said, “And I want that authorization to say he can chase ISIS, ISIL to the depth of where they are and destroy them. This is a cancer in the Middle East.”

Though he also supported cybersecurity measures in the speech, the 36-year-old congressional representative said his agreement with the president ended there, especially given the lack of conciliatory gestures toward Republicans and their 2014 midterm gains.

“The president tonight did not say what he needed to say, which is, ‘Look, Republicans, I may not like it, but you guys won both houses of the legislative branch,'” Rep. Kinzinger said. “Let’s figure out areas where we can have common ground.”

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