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Racing mogul Danica Patrick: I don't see myself as a 'girl driver'

Danica Patrick is, arguably, one of the most influential athletes in the country. From being the most-searched-for athlete on Yahoo! in 2011, to appearing in Jay-Z music videos, she’s proven she’s got a firm grip on her vehicle to success.

Patrick says she’s never seen herself as “a girl driver,” and frowns at the idea of getting dolled up for a race. “I can’t imagine wearing a whole bunch of makeup when I’m sweating in the car,” she said. “That’s disgusting.”

And, when asked about her fellow racecar driving boyfriend, she pretty much admitted they prefer staying in their own lanes when it comes to career competition. In 2014, she qualified for the Geico 500 (part of the Sprint Cup Series) while her boyfriend did not.

Check out the interview above with our own Alicia Menendez and NASCAR driver Danica Patrick.

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