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Actor Hill Harper on mouthing off to J.Lo in "The Boy Next Door"

Most men would hardly be able to form sentences around J.Lo, let alone question her behavior. But that’s exactly what actor Hill Harper gets to do in “The Boy Next Door.”

So what does it feel like to tell one of the most powerful women in Hollywood to “get it together”?

“Who in their right mind would want to reprimand Jennifer Lopez, I can’t even imagine,” Harper joked. “It felt good. It even felt better during rehearsal when we had to figure out what the power dynamic, or how it was going to feel … She’s a wonderful woman, she’s a wonderful actress and ‘The Boy Next Door’ represents her finally back where she belongs – leading role on the big screen.”

The film is a Hollywood rarity with two Latino leads: Lopez and Ryan Guzman, a sign at how non-diverse the industry remains. Another sign? The 2015 Academy Award nominations, where all 20 performs in the major acting categories are white.

“A lot of folks don’t realize this but Hollywood in many ways is an old boys’ club, like a country club – and the Oscar voters are predominately non-diverse and its sad,” Harper said. “Look at our country … so much cultural diversity, so many different stories, different people, different languages, different hues of brown and we don’t get that represented on the big screen enough.”

Harper also spoke to Alicia Menendez Tonight about the incarceration crisis in this country, which he wrote about in “Letter to an Incarcerated Brother,” and if he would ever follow in the political footsteps of some of his famous friends (ahem – President Obama!)

“The Boy Next Door” hits theaters January 23.

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