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"The Voice" finalist Karina Iglesias says "I do" in mass same-sex ceremony in Miami

Miami’s Karina Iglesias found stardom on NBC’s “The Voice.” But this story isn’t about her blossoming career; it’s about taking a step she’d been waiting for since she met her wife five years ago. “It’s like in a blink of an eye, all of a sudden we can get married,” she says, “and it’s been one of the best weeks of my life.”

WATCH: Fusion’s Leslie-Anne Frye marries at the first same-sex ceremony in Miami

Iglesias began her career at Unity on the Bay, a non-denominational church that supports same-sex unions. On January 5, the ban on gay marriage was lifted across the state of Florida. Hundreds of couples rushed county courthouses and married at midnight.

On January 10, Unity performed Miami’s first mass same-sex ceremony. More than 25 couples participated in the nuptials and exchanged rings. Though some couples had married elsewhere, like Karina, marrying in their home state of Florida was special. “To have this being recognized in Florida, we didn’t think it was gonna happen this fast,” Iglesias said.

Credit: Gabrielle Costa and Christopher Dominguez

Photos courtesy of: ak cespedes and Roseanne Greaves

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