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New year, new Congress, same politics?

Romina Puga hosts the first-ever episode of "To Catch A Faux Feminist"

The Washington Post published an article on its website titled “How to Find a Feminist Boyfriend.” Jezebel also joined the conversation.

The Post article suggests a few practices to execute on your first date in order to verify his views. It points out that asking your date if he’s a feminist is simply not enough to identify his true beliefs in gender equality. Instead, it suggests you ask him to name personality traits that directly relate to feminism.

“A true male feminist is supportive of, interested in, and enthusiastic about his partner’s career,” The Washington Post writes.

Is he really comfortable with the possibility that you make more money than he does? Or, would he relocate for your career? You know the drill – these are your typical first date questions. Our correspondent Romina Puga takes a look at these practices.

WARNING: This video contains graphic chats between our decoy and real anti-feminists.

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