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D.C.'s medical marijuana program ditched restrictions. Now it's booming.

The medical marijuana program in Washington, D.C., has gone from one of the most stringent in the county to one of the most liberal.

Prior to July, patients needed to have a serious medical condition to qualify, such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis or glaucoma.

The program was created with rigid guidelines to keep Congress from shutting it down, according to Councilmember David Grosso. But the resulting medical marijuana law, Grosso said, was “a fairly arcane, kind of nuanced bill that was hard to comply with.”

But over the summer, a push for legalizing recreational pot began to gain steam. The City Council decided to pass an emergency bill that greatly expanded the medical program.

They removed the list of qualifying conditions — meaning a recommendation for marijuana treatment would now be completely up to the doctor. If your doctor was registered to prescribe marijuana, they could do so for “any condition for which treatment with medical marijuana would be beneficial.”

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