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We took #DearNextPresident to California. Here’s what we heard.

Here’s what these young immigrant activists want the next president to know

The California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance advocates for immigrant rights. We caught up with some of their young activists in Los Angeles, and asked them what issues they hope the next president addresses. They told us they cared about ending the Priority Enforcement Program, investing in “communities rather than cages,” and addressing the educational needs of immigrant youth.

“We feel like our communities have had enough. They’re not being listened to. And we know we have a lot of power, so we’re telling you that you can do something,” one young activist said. “And we’re gonna keep you accountable.”

Fusion is asking people around the country to talk about their most pressing issues this election season using the phrase “Dear next president … ” You can learn more about the project, hear more voices from the campaign, and learn how to contribute your own video to #DearNextPresident.

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