Women can get 'blue balls,' too

You remember high school, right? For me, that era marked the height of blue balls lore. Mostly I heard about the condition in the context of people with testicles pleading to “go further” so they didn’t get stuck with the dreaded malady. (It should go without saying that there’s never, ever an excuse for pushing for sex. And blue balls? Please, honey.) The older I got, the less I heard about the problem, though anecdotally, people with balls did confirm to me it was in fact “a thing.” Science confirms this, too.

Recently, however, I learned something new: It’s not just a situation that men have to deal with. In this segment from Fusion’s original half-hour TV series Sex. Right. Now., we explain the physiology of blue balls—and illuminate how the condition impacts women, too.

Want more sex ed? Watch the full show online.

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