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Nicky Hilton on fashion and her new book '365 STYLE'

“I’ve always loved fashion. Some young girls aren’t really sure what they want to do. Some people don’t even know in their late twenties. I was lucky enough to know at a very young age that I wanted to do something in fashion,” Hilton said.

Nicky Hilton has been described as a business woman, model, and fashion designer — and now she can be described as “author” as well. In her new book, “365 STYLE,” Hilton explains her formula for developing style. The book acts as a guide to fashion with tips, tricks, and personal stories from Hilton’s childhood.

“365 is a method I came up with to simplify your wardrobe. The ‘3’ represents the most common occasions you dress for, the ‘6’ represents the clothing staples, and the ‘5’ is the accessories,” said Hilton.

“This was such a fun project for me. I love fashion and just writing this book was a real trip down memory lane.”

Nicky stopped by to talk with Fusion about her new book.

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