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How Muhammad Ali battled Parkinson's with humor

For those who remember “The Greatest” in his prime, it’s often difficult to reconcile the image of a trembling legend battling Parkinson’s disease with the young, powerful Muhammad Ali flexing over Sonny Liston. But not for Ali himself, who never let the condition define him, or rob him of his legendary wit.

Ali’s daughter Rasheda Ali recalls one such memory of her and her father, who died this past June, attending a Manny Pacquiao fight years ago. At this point, he had been battling Parkinson’s for more than twenty years. Still, Ali’s presence ringside drew as much of the crowd’s attention and adulation as the fight itself.

But it’s what Ali said to her after the fight that really resonated with her.

Fusion is the media partner for the 2016 Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards. Animation and design by David Guti Rosado and Neko Productions.

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