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Cuban youth who crossed into the U.S. through 'Operation Pan Pedro' found a more welcoming country

The current surge of Central American children crossing into the United States and enrolling in school is not new. From December 1960 to October 1962, more than 14,000 Cuban youth arrived alone in the U.S. through‘Operation Pedro Pan’, what was then, the largest recorded exodus of Unaccompanied minors in the Western Hemisphere.

‘Operation Pedro Pan’ was backed by the U.S. government and even documented it with a film called “The Lost Apple.”

Today’s wave of unaccompanied minors is even bigger. School districts across the country are absorbing over 37,000 young migrants who have been released to sponsors since the beginning of this year. It’s a big challenge for the schools and for the students, many of whom have seen violence and danger as they made their journey to the U.S.

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