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These nuns are committed to God and growing their Twitter followers

It’s no secret that the Catholic church has had trouble connecting with young people. So they put their biggest star on social media: the Pope.

First, it was Pope Benedict in 2012 with the Twitter handle @pontifex. But he still kind of scared millennials. When Pope Francis took over, the @pontifex handle was passed along to him, and according to twiplomacy, Pope Francis is the most influential world leader on Twitter. He has over 14 million followers and his tweets get retweeted on average 10,000 times in Spanish, and 6,462 in English.

These two Popes have led the Catholic church into the world of social media — but some nuns have been at it long before Pope Francis.

Sister Helena Burns, of the Daughters of Saint Paul in Boston, has over 17,000 Twitter followers. Check out her shades on her Twitter profile picture. Their mission is to spread religion through new technology and media.

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