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This catchy song will make you dance and raise your awareness about Ebola

News of the most recent Ebola epidemic continues to be dismal. According to the World Health Organization the outbreak may affect as many as 20,000 people before being contained. The virus has spread to Senegal, the fifth West African country to be hit with Ebola. The other four countries affected are Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

The number of infected people has steadily climbed to over 3,000 with over 1,500 casualties. The latest research suggests the current mutation of the virus is being spread by people.

When the outbreak initially hit West Africa, people weren’t taking the virus seriously. Officials feared skeptical locals were disregarding warning signs and symptoms.

This prompted Liberian music producers, Samuel “Shadow” Morgan and Edwin “D-12” Tweh to spread the message about Ebola in an unlikely way– a catchy dance tune called “Ebola in Town.”

The duo first began producing music as kids in a Ghana refugee camp while fleeing the civil war in Liberia. After returning home to their country’s capital of Monrovia, the two continued to produce music together.

When asked why their song about such a horrible virus was so catchy and upbeat, Shadow told Fusion Live’s Pedro Andrade, “Now a days, everybody wants to lose their mind on the dance floor.”

Check out the video below to separate the Ebola facts from the hysteria:

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