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How 'Annie' bonded Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis​ ​for life

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx and Academy Award nominee Quvenzhané Wallis have joined forces for the feel-good reboot of “Annie.” And just like foster kid Annie and ​entrepreneur Mr. Stacks find themselves bonding, Foxx and Wallis’ relationship evolved while filming.

“We have been on a journey…What I learned from her is, how to keep going,” Foxx said. “You forget…She’s so articulate, she’s so smart. You forget that she’s six and a half years old.” Foxx joked. (Wallis is 11)

​Despite being an 11-year-old Oscar nominated actress who poses for selfies with​ Beyonce, Wallis said her life is pretty normal.

​”For the first day, they are like where you been?!” Wallis said about ​her school life. “Then the second day, I’m like ‘hey’ and they’re like ‘hey’ and they walk past me. It’s not like they are still talking about it. Depends how long I’ve been gone.”

“Annie” hits theaters Friday, December 19.

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