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It's time for the coffee industry to invest in the women who make it possible

Most of us can’t go a single day without a cup of coffee, but we never really think about what it takes — or who it takes — to make that morning fix possible.

The documentary “A Small Section of the World” is the story of the leap of faith a group of women in a rural town in Costa Rica took that changed their lives and the lives of their community by tapping into one of the world’s most profitable industries.

For the people of the remote farming community of Biolley, Costa Rica, survival is dependent on the production of coffee.

When a coffee crisis in the ’90s forced the men of Boilley to leave the village and find work elsewhere, the women banded together and relied on their own agency to ensure their livelihood.

Hence, the creation of The Organized Women’s Association of Biolley: An organization founded to empower women to create a sustainable living through the production of quality coffee. Around the world, 70 percent of the work involved with coffee production is undertaken by women, though only 15 percent are in leadership positions.

Fusion’s Alicia Menendez spoke with director Lesley Chilcott (“An Inconvinient Truth,” “Waiting for Superman,” “A Mother’s Promise”) to find out what inspired her to tell this story and why the multi-billion dollar coffee industry should invest in women.

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