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Rapper T.I.: 'Every black man has had an experience with law enforcement'

Rapper, actor, and producer T.I. is no stranger to the wrong side of the law. He’s been arrested multiple times and is familiar with how cops treat black men. He joined Fusion Live to discuss what’s happening in Ferguson and in police departments across the country — and how society as a whole treats under served communities.

T.I., who today announced he’ll be part of the new “Ant-Man” movie from Marvel, talked about how America could address the epidemic of police brutality and violence.

“America expects for the floor not to get wet, but refuses to fix the leak in the pipes,” he said. “Some of these officers come to work with a chip on their shoulder and take their problems out on the African American community.”

He did mention that not all cops that are like that — but over time, a pattern has emerged.

“We’ve got to stop waiting for people to help us. We’ve got to stand up and start helping ourselves,” T.I. said.

Credit: Omar Michaud

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