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Fusion’s Alicia Menendez sat down with singer/songwriter Taylor Swift to talk about her new studio album, “1989.” 2012 Taylor Swift was happy, free, confused, lonely—all at the same time. Her hit single, “22” became an anthem for her fans across the country, but two years and one album later, what has changed for 7-time award-winning Grammy artist?

Menendez joked with Swift about whether or not fans should expect a new album every two years.

“I don’t know if I’ll stay in that holding pattern of making an album every two years,” Swift told Menendez. “I’d like [two years] to be the minimum…because I think you need to give yourself time to change and experience things and learn lessons so you have these things to tell your fans.”

Her new album, “1989,” is a departure from her past albums which typically blend country with pop, but “1989” maintains that signature Swift style and relatable storytelling. Guess 24 is the new 22.

FULL INTERVIEW: Taylor Swift on 1989, Shake It Off and what she’s learned since RED

Credit: Johanna Rojas, Victoria Moreno, Jessica Blank

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