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What's it like to be Jewish in the age of Trump? We asked four grandchildren of Holocaust survivors.

Donald Trump’s rhetoric on most things race and religion has been problematic, to put it mildly. But for Jewish people in particular, the presidential nominee’s messaging has felt unnerving, given that the Holocaust looms large for Jewish Americans, and arguably now more than ever.

Trump’s campaign has bordered on the antisemitic at times, and an endorsement from former KKK leader David Duke didn’t help. But the worst of it came when the nominee tweeted an image of his opponent, Hillary Clinton, with a Star of David, surrounded by piles of money, and the notorious antisemitic catchphrase “America First.” Trump tried to explain away the controversial tweet, but the damage was done.

Against this backdrop, we brought together four grandchildren of Holocaust survivors to talk about the anxiety Trump’s campaign has created among Jewish Americans—as well as Muslims, Mexicans, and Syrian refugees, to name just a few—and how we can ensure that our country remains tolerant of all religious and ethnic minorities.

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