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Rosario Dawson on collaborating with Chris Rock to fall in love with her "Top Five" character

Rosario Dawson stopped by the set of Fusion Live to promote her newest film, “Top Five,” which was directed by comedian Chris Rock. (He also stars in it.) Rock was persistent in pursuing Dawson for the role — he created the character specifically for her. “I’ve been friends with Chris since I was 19 years old,” Dawson told Pedro Andrade.

In the movie, she plays Chelsea Brown, a harsh New York Times critic who’s known for ripping her subjects apart. But she had some issues with Chelsea in the first draft of the script Rock showed her. So he agreed to work with her on it.

“It really pushed me to create,” she said. “The character was awesome that he wrote, but she needed some work, and we collaborated on that, and I got to create a character, Chelsea Brown, that I liked, I got to fall in love with and I got to put a lot of myself in it.”

When asked if she has ever been affected by harsh criticism like the kind her character dishes out in the movie, Rosario says the critics can’t compete with her internal monologue: “No one’s harsher than I am.” She also talks about her activism in the community, telling us how her first somewhat-misguided brush with activism took place was when she was a teenager. She started a campaign to save the trees… by making posters.

“I was on the right track,” she concedes.

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