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Robert Rodriguez: 'Mexico is a magical place'

Acclaimed screenwriter, director, cinematographer and musician Robert Rodriguez, became passionate about movies and filmmaking at a young age.

Raised in San Antonio, Texas, Rodriguez returns to his family’s native homeland of Mexico. He says of the country, “This is a country you constantly want to be connected with because it’s part of your bloodline, but this place is like a dream. Anything can really happen here.”

His 1992 movie, “El Mariachi,” solidified his career as a filmmaker. He revolutionized the independent filmmaking world with his ability to make the critically acclaimed film on a super-tight, shoestring budget.

Rodriquez shared his knowledge on how to make a movie with hardly any money. He said, “I even wrote a book on how to do it. A lot people follow that and it changed independent filmmaking.”

He said having the complete and creative freedom is essential for his filmmaking process, as is giving other Latinos in Hollywood an outlet to showcase their talents. Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas and Danny Trejo are some of the Latino actors who got an early start working with him.

Rodriguez has made more than a dozen movies, working as writer, director, editor and producer or a combination. Some of his films include: “Desperado,” “From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Spy Kids.”

The filmmaker is now taking his talent to the small screen. He is founder and chairman of the English-language television network, El Rey.

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