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Alicia Menendez wants to give "ladies of the night" a whole new meaning

If you want to shack up this winter, you don't need 'Cuffing Season' as an excuse

In addition to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and a 20 pound weight gain, something else we love about the winter is ‘Cuffing Season.’ The term has been used to describe our generation’s pension for shacking up, bedding down and getting very serious with a certain someone (any certain someone, really) but only through the winter months.

MORE: Winter hookups: Is ‘cuffing season’ a real, scientific thing?

Here’s the thing, while we love being able to wrap our romantic tendencies up into one convenient catchphrase, it’s been brought to our attention that people have been using ‘Cuffing Season’ as an excuse for not taking winter relationships seriously, or worse, they’re using it as a reason to drag otherwise disposable hookups out for the whole season. Terrible. And after all that, it looks like there isn’t even any scientific evidence or biologic drive behind the mating habits entailed in ‘Cuffing Season.” Rather, we do it to ourselves. Fusion’s Alicia Menendez sat down with Fusion’s love and relationship reporter, Taryn Hillin and senior editor Danielle Friedman to discuss whether we’re doing ourselves a disservice by buying into ‘Cuffing Season.’

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