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A break from 'fast fashion': Of A Kind creates a connection between designer and consumer

Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo have been friends for years. The two met in college at the University of Chicago, but it wasn’t until some years later that they founded the online retail site Of A Kind.

The site is different from others in the market. It prides itself on having, as its name suggests, pieces by up-and-coming designers that are genuinely one of a kind.

During an interview at the Of A Kind offices, co-founder Claire Mazur told Fusion’s Alicia Menendez that “there’s a thrill that comes with knowing you are the only one who knows about (a) young designer. … We’re trying to give that same thrill of early discovery to our audience.”

Mazur and Cerulo go beyond just providing a thrill for their audience: They also include the story of every designer they feature on their site, creating a deeper connection between customer and designer.

“We know our generation is all about individual expression, and I wonder from your vantage point if that means fashion is going to need to change to accommodate that need of individual expression?” Menendez asked the two co-founders. Mazur explained that, in their opinion, “fashion will move towards a new middle market between fast fashion (H&M, Zara, etc) and the luxury market.”

Time will tell.

Credit: Andrea Torres

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