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Street artist sues American Eagle, alleging the company stole his work

The bold images and beautiful street art along the walls of Miami’s Wynnwood Arts District draws locals and tourists, and is a destination for photo shoots. But one Miami artist says a well-known clothing company used his art in an ad campaign without getting permission or providing compensation.

David Anasagasti, better known as Ahol Sniffs Glue, has been creating droopy-eyeball murals for years that are recognizable around Miami. But in a lawsuit, he says American Eagle Outfitters not only used his art as a backdrop, they implied their model had created it. One photo that was part of their spring campaign included a model appearing in front of his art, holding a can of spray paint.

“The cliche of a starving artist is very true,” said Gregg Shienbaum, an art dealer who has sold Ahol Sniffs Glue and works with other Miami street artists. “These guys should be getting paid for their work, and for anybody to come and take their work without asking for permission I think is wrong.”

Fusion reached out to Anasagasti and American Eagle Outfitters, but both parties said they couldn’t comment on the case.

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