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219: Maria Bamford imagines Morgan Freeman as God

220: The future is all about robots, and Andy Richter may be one of them

Chaos ensues after the “No, You Shut Up!” panel talks about being over taken by robots. Is Andy Richter a robot? Should we all worry about our juices?

In this week’s “Judged! With Star Schlessinger,” actor Alan Tudyk stops by to get judged by the conservative squirrel. And the new meal replacement “soylent” is now being shipped by an American company. The panel tries out the new product but gets turned off as it is considered unnecessary food.

Paul F. Tompkins ponders babies. Specifically, he wants to be one. With the new addition to the “No, You Shut Up!” family, Penny Walters, Paul gets to thinking that being a baby is all that it’s cracked up to be — helpless and crying for no reason waiting for someone to pick it up.

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