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212: Is Yerd Nerp a brony?

214: Paul F. Tompkins ponders popcorn with Thomas Lennon

Can the U.S. protect us from viruses like MERS and other diseases? The prognosis is grim. Comedian Thomas Lennon comforts Princess during her time of need. “No, You Open Up” shares the seat with Representative Olive Pouch.* The scheming possum has a few ideas that will serve the best interests of certain lobbyists. And Paul ponders popcorn. Do we have to eat these buttery treats that make our palms slippery and crackle loudly, or can we just eat mush? If it was good enough for 19th-century orphans, it’s good enough for us!

*Disclaimer: Texas representative Oliver Pouch did not have a part in supporting lobbyists, only those interests that benefit the American people.

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