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Pastor Mark Burns: 'I know what real racism is, and it’s not Donald Trump'

Evangelical Pastor Mark Burns has been one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters along the campaign trail. He was in Cleveland, Ohio with The Root’s Dr. Jason Johnson during the RNC explaining why he is voting for Trump, and why black people should break from tradition and stop voting Democrat.

“Black people know we are broke, we are not in power, we are still economically weak. We need a president and a system that is working for minorities and not against minorities. And trust me, we’ve already tried Democrats, and it hasn’t worked then, it’s not working now.”

The pastor says it’s Trump flaws and “rawness” that has captured the hearts of millions of voters across the country. He suggested that the media is responsible for people believing Trump is racist.

“Why in the world as me as a black man from the south—I know what real racism is. I know what real division is,” Burns told Johnson. “I’m born, bred in the deep south. The confederate flag just couple a days ago was raised up in the state of South Carolina as a reminder of the one year of its removal—that we had to fight for years to pull it down. I know what real racism is, and it’s not Donald Trump.”

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