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Fusion's Jorge Ramos on what he learned covering the 2016 race

Hillary Clinton on 2016: 'I think there will probably be many candidates'

Many observers think it’s a foregone conclusion that Hillary Clinton will get the nod in the 2016 Democratic primary. Leaving aside her coyness on whether she will actually run, Fusion’s Jorge Ramos asked Clinton whether she thinks her party would benefit from a competitive primary.

“Well, I think there will probably be many candidates,” Clinton said. “I mean, I’m somebody who believes anybody can run.”

Clinton certainly remembers President Obama’s sudden rise from one-term senator to Democratic front-runner during in 2008, but she still sees the value of the primary gauntlet. Competitive primaries can often help energize a party’s base around a candidate and steel their campaign for the general election, provided the primary winner avoids gaffes and extreme positions won’t sit well with crucial swing voters. Such a political trial would be a welcome part of her potential campaign, Clinton told Ramos.

“I’m not sure I’m going to run but if I do, I think competition is healthy and if people want to get in and want to be in a primary, more power to them,” Clinton said.

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