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Meet the Strandbeest: The mesmerizing kinetic sculptures bringing life to art

There’s a chance you seen them on the web: Videos of haunting sculptures that vaguely resemble animals crawling across the beach, powered only by wind. They’re called Strandbeest, and they’re the creation of Dutch artist Theo Jansen.

Last week, they were on display for the first time in the U.S., parading up and down Miami Beach for the annual Art Basel convention.

The sculptures are made from PVC pipe, ingeniously designed to sense the presence of water, wind and sand. Jansen hopes that one day, his creations will be able to survive on their own.

“I’m so surprised that we are living, and I’m still so surprised how it’s all possible, especially about my own life, that I exist,” Jansen said. “So I want to build a new nature, maybe to become a little bit wiser about the existing nature.”

Credit: Bradley Blackburn; Photo Credit: Elisa Rodriguez-Vila

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