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Hillary Clinton regrets saying she was 'dead broke,' feels blessed by success

It was the answer that spawned a wave of new questions.

When Hillary Clinton told Diane Sawyer that she and Bill Clinton were “dead broke” when they left the White House, a debate began over whether the statement was really accurate and if the potential presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton would be able to connect with the problems of average Americans — given the hefty Clinton bank account today.

In an interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Hillary Clinton said that she regrets the comment.

“It was accurate but we are so successful and we’re so blessed by the success we’ve had and my husband has worked incredibly hard,” Clinton said. “What I worry about is not my family. I worry about other families in our country who feel like they’re running in place.”

Polls taken after the controversy have shown that most Americans still believe that Clinton can relate with everyday Americans and their problems. Clinton is sure to face continued inquiries about her wealth and taxes. Ramos asked Clinton if she knows her net worth.

“You know, within a range, yeah,” Clinton said. “I mean, we have two very nice houses which we’re very proud of and not selling anytime soon.”

As the Washington Post’s Dan Balz noted, the most important takeaway from the uproar may be that Hillary Clinton’s political instincts look rusty, and she faces a broader challenge of turning her years of experience into a campaign that energizes voters. That’s all if she announces that she’s running in the first place, of course.

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