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Find Out Why Drake Has Joined the Coconut Cartel

Forget about drinking coconut water from a carton. The new revolution in the coconut water market is…the nut itself.

At the age of 27, Mike Zig co-founded Coconut Cartel, a beverage company that serves raw coconut water straight from the nut, and runs it with his sister Danielle and childhood friend Christian Quinonez Sol.

Inspiration was triggered by a hangover thirst. And it was at the moment his buddy Christian popped a straw into a coconut and tossed it to him that Mike knew he (literally) had a business in his hands. Coconut Cartel grows Malayan Dwarf and Maypan coconuts in a 110-year-old farm in El Salvador that was founded by Christian’s great-grandfather.

Mike didn’t know jack about the import business, but that didn’t stop him. In less than two years, he’s gone from “smuggling” Salvadorian coconuts in suitcases to supplying some of the most exclusive spots around such as The Standard hotels, the Surflodge in Montauk, and Drizzy Drake himself, who is a fan.

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