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'Blurred Lines' Between Creepy and Romantic

After a year of “Blurred Lines,” should we have been so surprised when Robin Thicke was outted for cheating on Paula Patton, his wife of 20 years?

Probably not, and yet we were. So, when Thicke put out his new album named “Paula” after his estranged wife, the newsroom was undecided: creepy or romantic? Take for example, his single “Get Her Back.” Does it make you want to pat the guy on the back or turn away in uncomfortable horror?

Fusion’s Alicia Menendez sat down with real estate specialist and TV personality Katrina Campins and radio hosts, Felish Monet and Lucy Lopez to see what the women thought of his grand gesture. The women also opened up about some of the borderline things they’ve ever done for love. Creepy or romantic? You decide.

Credit: Cleo Stiller and Bianca Perez

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