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In North Carolina, Every Vote Counts--Unless You're a College Student

This week, a unique case is headed to a state court. Seven college students from North Carolina have joined a suit against the state’s strict voter ID law. The students argue that the law violates the 26th Amendment, which lowered the voting age to 18 and declared that the right to vote “shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on account of age.”

If you’ve ever gone to the DMV, you know getting an ID isn’t particularly easy. Many states that have laws like the one in North Carolina don’t even accept student IDs. But if you’re in Texas, you can show your state handgun license as proof of ID, no problem.

So: What can we do to make voting easier, instead of totally impossible? Fusion’s Alicia Menendez discussed the topic with Audrey Gelman from Rock the Vote and Sarah Audelo from the Center of American Progress.

In a statement released today, Rock the Vote showed its support for the students, writing, “Rock the Vote believes that our country should be making it more convenient for young people to vote. Young Americans have the power to strengthen our democracy and make their voices heard when they vote.”

“We need to be opening up this conversation to talk about same-day registration, expanding the opportunity to vote online and even one day, be able to vote online. … I think it’s a common-sense notion that we should be making it easier and more convenient for people to vote, not harder and throwing barriers in the way,” said Rock the Vote’s Audrey Gelman.

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CREDIT: Andrea Torres and Bianca Perez

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