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'No Boston Olympics': Why one group finds being the Olympic host city a burden

The bids are out. Four cities are officially in the running to host the 2024 Olympic Summer games. Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston. This is normally one of the most coveted honors for a city, but hosting this huge event comes with an even heavier price-tag which means not everyone is in love with the idea.

Take Boston for example. One major resistance movement there wants the city to get its priorities straight. The group simply calls themselves “No Boston Olympics.” One of their co-chairs, Kelley Gossett, breaks down why they view the ‘honor’ as more of a burden for their city.

“There’s no economic benefit from hosting the Olympics. Economists have studied this and so we wonder, what’s the incentive to having the Olympics in this city, in this region when we have to build so many of the structures from scratch. We would have to build an Olympic stadium, an Olympic village….all of these really expensive improvements,” Gossett said.

But how much would the Olympics cost a city like Boston?

“The average Olympics costs around $19.2 billion. That’s not million – that’s billion. That’s huge money for a three week event. A three week event that comes and goes, and we think, what else could we be spending that kind of money on.”

Gossett and the organization do not, however, knock the honor of being chosen to host such an event. “We are not anti-sports, not anti-Olympics, and certainly not ant-Boston. I get emotional watching sports, watching the Olympics….we completely understand that but the emotional feeling is fleeting and we wonder what is good and what remains for this city long after the torch runs out.”

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